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The EarthBound Project
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Hello and welcome to the Project.

Seven years ago Nintendo and Ape made a game, a game that would change the world, EarthBound.  On this site you will see many things about EarthBound.

News and Updates

Update,July 31st, 2002.
I've taken out the "News" Section and have decided to do all updates, pertaining to both the site and EarthBound on the front page.  This is being done for easier access and easier maintaing.

Update, August 1, 2002

The Art and Comics areas are being removed until further notice.  The reason for this is, im not too good of an artist, therefore I have nothing to post in this section.  Just E-Mail me some art, I will post it in the brought-back art and comics area.

Update, August 2, 2002

YAY!! You may notice, unless your completely dense, that there is a new look and layout for the site.  This creates color problems for the background of some of the pictures.  Do not worry.  I am working to correct this. 

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